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Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2018

Biloxi, Gulf Coast, MS, USA January 2019





Best of Fest  - Rice


ATMAN Award for Diversity in Film  - Marching Forward


Best Southern States Film  - The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle




     Feature - Technicolour Daydream        Featurette - Esther’s Attic      English Language Short - Jump     


     Foreign Language Short - Carro          Southern States Short - Scarlet Begonias       Comedy - The Writer   


     Horror - The Invaders         Animated Film - Day of the Western Sunrise        Drone - Namibia       Web Series - Momtress 


     Experimental/Art House/Film Noir - Liquid Soul       Silent Film - Poster Boy         Smartphone Film - Apartment 14


     Feature Documentary - Day of the Western Sunrise            Short Documentary - Sugar Glass Ceilings     


     Southern States Documentary - Sound and Sole        Music Video - Crosstie Town             Trailer - Death and Compromise 




     Feature or Featurette - Beside Me (Tedy Necula)     Southern States Feature or Featurette - Luke & Jo (Joshua Overbay)


     English Language Short - The Conversation (Adam Ethan Crow)   Foreign Language Short - Bhauvra (Saraswathi Balgam)


     Southern States Short - Nashedonia (Will Berry)            Comedy - Incommunicado (John Marcucci)  


     Web Series  - I Do (Nathalie Schmidt)           Talented New Director  - Sunrise, Sunset (Hannah Roark)

     Talented Student Filmmaker - Bingo Night (Brooklyn Alexander)




     Feature or Featurette - Rice (Valerie Fortin)            English Language Short - Girl (Lindsay Trachtenberg


     Foreign Language Short - Simple Simon (Amelie Radulescu)      Southern States Short - Polished (Andie Morgenlander)


     Comedy - Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! (Kelly O’Neal)


     Web Series  - The So-So You Don’t Know (Sachi Parker)    


     Supporting Actress  The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle (Stephanie Northrup)




     Feature or Featurette - Synthetic Phoenix (Ryan Perich)       English Language Short - The Conversation (Corey Johnson)

     Foreign Language Short I Killed Vincent (Cyril Caumont)    Southern States Short - A Leg Up (Phoenix Washington)


     Comedy - Incommunicado (Felipe Viana)            Supporting Actor Drama Last Call (Dustin Prince)


     Supporting Actor Comedy - Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! (Robin Spriggs)



     Feature or Featurette - Rice (Alex Vargas)          English Language Short - Peggy (Justin O’Neal Miller)


     Foreign Language Film - Cold Feet (Toshiya Chimura)       Southern States Short - A Leg Up (Derek Bauer)



     English Language Feature or Featurette - The Pea Shooter (Teri Lennox)   English Language Short - Dreamwisher (Asaf Sagiv)


     Foreign Language Film - Sisya, The Disciple (Sarit Sekhar Chatterjee)     Southern States Short - Ripe Figs (Eric Laws)


​     Original Song - Epic Quest, Sevrin the Magnificent Mage (Philip Derochie)    Movie Poster - Sur'vi     Short Script - Oran


Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2017

Biloxi, Gulf Coast, MS, USA January 2018





Best of Fest - Zelos


Atman Award for Diversity in Film - Staring Down Fate


Best Southern States Film - The Importance of Sex Education





    Feature Film - She, The Sergeant Matacho     Featurette - Tyson!     English Language Short - It Gets Better?


   Foreign Language Short - Baba      Best Southern States Short - Christine     Animated Film ​ - Blows with the Wind


    Comedy Film - The Importance of Sex Education      Drone Film - Kiss​     Experimental/Art House/Silent - Xing


    Smart Phone Film - Signal      Web Series Pilot - Sounds of Freedom       Short Short - Balloon


    Feature Documentary - Outcaste - The House that Carol Built     Short Documentary - The Healing of Heather Garden


    Southern States Documentary - House of Saints    Top Trailer - Inherit the Stars​




    Feature - Just a Fling (Gorune Aprikian)                Featurette - Last Dream for the Moon (Octavian Repede)


    English Language Short - The Importance of Sex Education (L. Elizabeth Powers)


    Foreign Language Short - Baby One More Time (Paolo Turro)           Southern States Short - Barrow (Daniel Earney)


    Talented New Director - Xing (Rosa Costanza)


    Talented Student Filmmaker - The Secret Life of Balloons (Lauren Graham, Nina Graham)




     Feature - Ann (Sofia Oggioni)     Featurette  - One Year on a Bike (Martijn & Siebren Doolaard, Julian Wunderle, Hanz Lasthuis)


     English Language Short - Imbolc (Rory Moore)       Foreign Language Short The Victim (Rassam Feali)


     Southern States Short - House of Saints (Gerry Melendez)      Short Short - Forgotten Birmingham (Ben McCafferty)



     Feature or Featurette ​- She, The Sergeant Matacho (Fabiana Medina)      English Language Short - Pickup (Mandy Evans)


     Foreign Language Short - The Victim (Shahrzad Borjian)          Southern States Short - Greenwood (Tammy Thomas)


     Supporting Actress Drama - Zelos (Ainslie McGlynn)               Supporting Actress Comedy - This is Jack (Amanda Tepe)




     Feature or Featurette Zelos (Ben Mortley)               English Language Short - It Gets Better? (Gys DeVilliers)


     Foreign Language Short - Time Escapers (Cyril Benoit)       Southern States Short - Christine (Logan Reinhart)

    Comedy - Those Shoes! (Crafty St. James)                  Supporting Actor - Mombie (Nate Wells)



     Feature or Featurette - Do U Want It? (Eric Heigle, Andy Rathbone, Kirkland Middleton)


     English Language Short - Deirdre (Audio Network)            Foreign Language Short - Baba (Nadaka)


     Southern States Short - Mombie (N.T. Bullock)      Original Song - Wilmington on Fire (Voice of the Regular People/Ness Lee)