Central States Indie FanFilmFest 2020


Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we made two major changes for 2020. First, we judged films on quarterly (or seasonal) submission periods and awarded laurels as such.

Secondly, as the possibility of the live event set for the first week of June 2020 was made impossible, we pushed back the date and will have an option for selected films to share with others - for all who would like to participate. Stay tuned for more and stay safe and healthy!




Best English Language Feature or Featurette -Cringe

Best Foreign Language Feature or Featurette - Surdine


Best Central States Feature or Featurette - The Fall

Best Art House/Experimental/Film Noir/Silent - The Orphans


Best English Language Short - Tinderbox


Best Foreign Language Short - The Light Thief


Best Central States Short - Rosa

Best Short Short - Hair

Best Smart Phone Film - Out of Our Windows

Best Animated Film - Hag Racing


Best Feature Documentary (tie) - The Girl Who Wore Freedom (and) The World's Best Film

Best Central States Feature Documentary - All the King's Men: 1910 Cornhusker's Football

Best Short Documentary - The Roads Most Traveled: Photojournalist Don Barletti


Best Central States Short Documentary - The Modern Makers

Best Music Video - Highland Home



Best English Language Feature or Featurette - The Tell-Tale Heart: a musicabre

Best Foreign Language Feature or Featurette  - Bang!

Best Central States Feature or Featurette - E.N.T.E.R.

Best Art House/Experimental/Film Noir/Silent - Niuniu


Best English Language Short (tie) - Better with You (and) Lost Love


Best Foreign Language Short - Ashmina


Best Central States Short (tie) -Blake (and) The Initiate

Best Short Short (tie) - Two Dum Micks (and) Little Rainbow Boy

Best Smart Phone Film - 100% Girl

Best Animated Film - In the House of Paper Flowers


Best Feature Documentary (tie) - The Patagonia Triple Crown (and) Don't Be So Modest, You're Not That Great

Best Central States Feature Documentary - Summer Ball

Best Short Documentary - Work Sticks: Art, Impermanence, and Childhood in an East Tennessee Town


Best Central States Short Documentary - Shift Change: The Regeneration of an American Home Town

Best Web Series - Game of Souls: Episode 11

Best Open Category Film - Mirrored Rushing

Best Music Video - Dead Man's Shoes



Best English Language Feature or Featurette - Love is not Love

Best Foreign Language Feature or Featurette  - The Enemies


Best Central States Feature or Featurette - From Here

Best Art House/Experimental/Film Noir/Silent - Voicemails


Best English Language Short - Room 566


Best Foreign Language Short - Bambiland


Best Central States Short - Eugene

Best Short Short - Bugged

Best Smart Phone Film - Hi, How Are You?

Best Animated Film - Irritable Ball Syndrome


Best Drone Film - Colombus


Best Feature Documentary - Stout Hearted

Best Central States Feature Documentary - Without Wax: A Story of True Evil

Best Short Documentary - How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps


Best Central States Short Documentary - Fighting MSA: Austin Crawford's Story

Best Web Series - Unclaimed Remains: Forgotten

Best Open Category Film - Ouroboros

Best Music Video - Michelle Rose/You're the Kinda Guy



Best English Language Feature or Featurette - Double Down

Best Foreign Language Feature or Featurette  - Dream State


Best Central States Feature or Featurette - Lorna Landvik's "Oh My Stars"

Best Art House/Experimental/Film Noir/Silent - Stood Up


Best English Language Short - Talk to Text


Best Foreign Language Short - The Burning Red


Best Central States Short - Go Go, Boy!

Best Short Short - Noise

Best Smart Phone Film - 9 lb Hammer

Best Animated Film - Temptation of St. Francis


Best Drone Film - Pioneers


Best Feature Documentary - The Home Team

Best Central States Feature Documentary - Can Central High School Save America?

Best Short Documentary - Arapaho Truths


Best Central States Short Documentary - A Day in the Life of Kik Pool 

Best Web Series - Deliver Me

Best Open Category Film - Black Pool

Best Music Video - Synecdoche Montauk/Wherever You Are        

Movie Poster - A Day in the Life of Kik Pool






Central States Indie FanFilmFest 2019

Rock Island, IL, Quad Cities, USA May 2019 



Best of Fest - Paris la Blanche (France)


Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ “All My Relations” Inclusion in Film Award - Grateful (Indiana)


Best Central States Film - Another Yesterday (Iowa)



Best English Language Feature or Featurette - Double Riddle, What Color Do You See?

Best Foreign Language Feature or Featurette - Paris la Blanche

Best Comedy - Kissy Cousins Monster Baby and Morphing Elvis 

Best Experimental/Art House/Film Noir - Ribbons       


Best Silent Film - As the Earth Turns 


Best Open Category Film (pre-2016) - The Arcandiers        


Best English Language Short - Dreamwisher


Best Foreign Language Short - Instinct        


Best Central States Short - #Beauty Sickness

Best Animated Film - Expend        


Best Drone Film - The Dying of the Light

Best Web Series - Epic Quest         


Best Student Film - The Girl in the Blue Bra


Best Music Video - Ain't No Mystery        


Top Trailer - The Blurry World of Marcello Casagrande 




Best Feature Documentary - 7th Generation     


Best Short Documentary - My Name Was January


Best Central States Documentary - My Friend Ingrid



Best Director Feature or Featurette - Paris la Blanche (Lidia Terki)

Best Director English Language Short - KAYA (Catherine Fordham)


Best Director Foreign Language Short - The old man and the dead (Amirreza Falaki)

Best Director Central States Film - D.P.D. Echo 1 (Joe Malouf)


Best Director Comedy - Nadine (Hans Holsen & Nancy Friedrich)     


Talented New Filmmaker - Swipe Right (Corbin Sanders)




Best Lead Actress Feature or Featurette - Paris la Blanche (Tassidit Mandi)

Best Lead Actress English Language Short - KAYA (Shakira Barrera)


Best Lead Actress Foreign Language Short - Heart Broken (Myriam Sieber)

Best Actress Central States Film - The Scary Ham (Cheryl Graeff & Sandra Shea)

Best Lead Actress Comedy - I Do (Nathalie Schmidt)


Best Supporting Actress - Double Riddle, What Color Do You See? (Martina Karra)




Best Lead Actor Feature or Featurette - The Sleeper by the River (Dominique Pinon)

Best Lead Actor English Language Short - Nasty Habits  (Josh Phillips)


Best Lead Actor Foreign Language Short - Carro (Victor Lucena)   Best Lead Actor Comedy - Nadine (Hans Holsen)


Best Actor Central States Film - D.P.D. Echo 1 (Nate Brassfield)     Best Supporting Actor - The Cold Season (Tim Ross)




Best Cinematography Feature or Featurette - The Clay Men (Michel Baudor)

Best Cinematography English Language Short - Ribbons (John Spencer)


Best Cinematography Foreign Language Short - The Invaders (Mike Gialloreto)

Best Cinematography Central States Short - When You've Finished Recording (Jackie Marten)




Best Original Soundtrack English Language Feature or Featurette - The Island of Dr. Moron (Lyn Dockrill)


Best Original Soundtrack English Language Short - The Blurry World of Marcello Casagrande (Luigi Porto)


Best Original Soundtrack Foreign Language Film - The Boy At Platform 3 (Dagmar Wuhrer) 


Best Original Soundtrack Central States Film - Another Yesterday (Asuka Ito)


Best Song - Nasty Habits (Built To Fail/Pistol For Ringo)

Movie Poster - La Dormeuse Duval (Aymeric Galisson)

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