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Central States Indie FanFilmFest 2019

Rock Island, IL, Quad Cities, USA May 28 - 31, 2019 




     Best of Fest - Paris la Blanche (France)


     Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ “All My Relations” Inclusion in Film Award - Grateful


     Best Central States Film - Another Yesterday (Iowa)



     Best English Language Feature or Featurette - Double Riddle, What Color Do You See?

     Best Foreign Language Feature or Featurette - Paris la Blanche

     Best Comedy - Kissy Cousins Monster Baby and Morphing Elvis 

     Best Experimental/Art House/Film Noir - Ribbons       Best Silent Film - As the Earth Turns 


     Best Open Category Film (pre-2016) - The Arcandiers        Best English Language Short - Dreamwisher


     Best Foreign Language Short - Instinct        Best Central States Short - #Beauty Sickness

     Best Animated Film - Expend        Best Drone Film - The Dying of the Light

     Best Web Series - Epic Quest         Best Student Film - The Girl in the Blue Bra


     Best Music Video - Ain't No Mystery        Top Trailer - The Blurry World of Marcello Casagrande 




     Best Feature Documentary - 7th Generation     Best Short Documentary - My Name Was January


     Best Central States Documentary - My Friend Ingrid



     Best Director Feature or Featurette - Paris la Blanche (Lidia Terki)

     Best Director English Language Short - KAYA (Catherine Fordham)


     Best Director Foreign Language Short - The old man and the dead (Amirreza Falaki)

     Best Director Central States Film - D.P.D. Echo 1 (Joe Malouf)


     Best Director Comedy - Nadine (Hans Holsen & Nancy Friedrich)     


     Talented New Filmmaker - Swipe Right (Corbin Sanders)




     Best Lead Actress Feature or Featurette - Paris la Blanche (Tassidit Mandi)

     Best Lead Actress English Language Short - KAYA (Shakira Barrera)


     Best Lead Actress Foreign Language Short - Heart Broken (Myriam Sieber)

     Best Actress Central States Film - The Scary Ham (Cheryl Graeff & Sandra Shea)

     Best Lead Actress Comedy - I Do (Nathalie Schmidt)


     Best Supporting Actress - Double Riddle, What Color Do You See? (Martina Karra)




     Best Lead Actor Feature or Featurette - The Sleeper by the River (Dominique Pinon)

     Best Lead Actor English Language Short - Nasty Habits  (Josh Phillips)


     Best Lead Actor Foreign Language Short - Carro (Victor Lucena)   Best Lead Actor Comedy - Nadine (Hans Holsen)


     Best Actor Central States Film - D.P.D. Echo 1 (Nate Brassfield)     Best Supporting Actor - The Cold Season (Tim Ross)




     Best Cinematography Feature or Featurette - The Clay Men (Michel Baudor)

     Best Cinematography English Language Short - Ribbons (John Spencer)


     Best Cinematography Foreign Language Short - The Invaders (Mike Gialloreto)

     Best Cinematography Central States Short - When You've Finished Recording (Jackie Marten)




     Best Original Soundtrack English Language Feature or Featurette - The Island of Dr. Moron (Lyn Dockrill)


     Best Original Soundtrack English Language Short - The Blurry World of Marcello Casagrande (Luigi Porto)


     Best Original Soundtrack Foreign Language Film - The Boy At Platform 3 (Dagmar Wuhrer) 


     Best Original Soundtrack Central States Film - Another Yesterday (Asuka Ito)


​     Best Song - Nasty Habits (Built To Fail/Pistol For Ringo)

     Movie Poster - La Dormeuse Duval (Aymeric Galisson)