Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2020


Due to the pandemic and the continuing rise in cases already this fall, these changes are underway: 1) we are closing submissions early and have moved the Final Submission Deadline up to Oct. 15, 2020, 2) we will first judge films based on seasonal submission periods and award seasonal laurels - see ~ SSIFFF 2020 SEASONAL CATEGORY WINNERS ~ below, 3) after all films have been judged we will announce Festival Selections - by the Dec. 5th notification date, 4) shortly thereafter we will announce Festival Winners, 5) we will set up a "Film Share Week" for selected filmmakers to share their films with other selected filmmakers who opt to participate, and lastly 6) ALL SELECTED FILMS from this year will be invited to the next live SSIFFF event, and all who opt to attend will have their films screened.


AUTUMN SEASON - coming soon!

SUMMER SEASON - coming soon!



Best Feature Film - No Ordinary Love

Best Featurette - Revelation, Alabama


Best Short Film - Hanger's Limb


Best Southern States Short - Salting the Fly

Best Short Short - Don't Die

Best Art House/Experimental/Film Noir/Silent - Interview With Marilyn

Best Smart Phone Film - Phony

Best Animated Film - King of the House


Best Feature Documentary - The Offline Playlist

Best Southern States Feature Documentary - The Builder

Best Short Documentary - On the Edge


Best Southern States Short Documentary - How Great Thou Art

Best Web Series - Chrysali​s

Best Music Video - You're the Kinds Guy/Michelle Rose



Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2019

Biloxi, Gulf Coast, MS, USA January 2020


Best of Fest - Easy Does It


Atman Award for Diversity in Film - Who Is James Meredith?


Best Southern States Film - Catatonia


Feature - This World Won't Break      Featurette - Watermark      English Language Short - Portrait of a Woman at Dawn     


Foreign Language Short - The House in the Suburbs      Southern States Short - Catatonia        Horror - Room 566


Comedy - We Should Hang Out More       Animated Film - The Ribbon       Drone - Day Thirty-Three


Experimental/Art House/Film Noir - SPIRIT: A Martian Story      Short Short - Another Love Story


Feature Documentary - Forced Change    Short Documentary - Ashes to Ashes    


Southern States Short Documentary - Water is Life     Student Film - Gasp




Feature - Easy Does It/Will Addison     


Featurette - Inhaling Red/Scott Allan Pardue


Foreign Language Film - It Comes From the Heavens/Oldren Romero


English Language Short - For Hope/James P. Rees     


Southern States Short - Magnolia & Clementine/Ashley Shelton          


Comedy - The Ham Sandwich/Paul Catalanotto     


Horror - Ghost in the Gun/Andrew Chen


Talented New Director  - Jules/Alexandra Gilbreath




Feature or Featurette - Watermark/Katie Peabody         


Comedy or Horror - Ethnically Ambiguous/Tiffany Phillips


English Language Short - Portrait of a Woman at Dawn/Elizabeth Roberts


Foreign Language Short - The House in the Suburbs/Eleni Sani      


Southern States Short - Lillian/Shanae'a Moore


Supporting Actress  - Easy Does It/Linda Hamilton


Soul Bones/Lucien Rattray




Feature or Featurette - Easy Does It/BenMatheny & Matthew Martinez      Comedy - Chronic/Bill Rogers 


English Language Short - Dreaming of the Moon/Tony Greengrass     Southern States Short - Swagger Back/Lawrence Green

Foreign Language Short - It Comes from the Heavens/Carlos Rafael Sanchez Vazquez


Horror - Fifty/Sasha Golberg     Supporting Actor - This World Won't Break/Matthew Posey     



Feature - Limbo/Joe Stauffer        Featurette - Chapter 9/Jake Brown     


English Language Short - Bella/John Spencer     Southern States Short - I Resign/Jay Mohan


Foreign Language Film - It Comes from the Heavens/Alexander Gonzales      



Feature or Featurette - This World Won't Break/Michael Paraskevas   


Short Film - The Blurry World of Marcello Casagrande/Luigi Porto


Original Song - The Island of Dr. Moron/Mission Statement     

Music Video - Across the River and Into the Trees/Enzo De Rosa


Southern States Music Video - I Will Survive/Don Smith


Trailer - Crowbar


Movie Poster - Lillian




Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2018

Biloxi, Gulf Coast, MS, USA January 2019




Best of Fest - Rice


Atman Award for Diversity in Film - Marching Forward


Best Southern States Film - The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle


Feature - Technicolour Daydream     Featurette - Esther’s Attic      English Language Short - Jump     


Foreign Language Short - Carro     Southern States Short - Scarlet Begonias       Comedy - The Writer   


Horror - The Invaders         Animated Film - Day of the Western Sunrise        Drone - Namibia       Web Series - Momtress 


Experimental/Art House/Film Noir - Liquid Soul       Silent Film - Poster Boy    Smartphone Film - Apartment 14


Feature Documentary - Day of the Western Sunrise      Short Documentary - Sugar Glass Ceilings     


Southern States Documentary - Sound and Sole        Music Video - Crosstie Town             Trailer - Death and Compromise 




Feature or Featurette - Beside Me (Tedy Necula)     Southern States Feature or Featurette - Luke & Jo (Joshua Overbay)


English Language Short - The Conversation (Adam Ethan Crow)   Foreign Language Short - Bhauvra (Saraswathi Balgam)


Southern States Short - Nashedonia (Will Berry)      Comedy - Incommunicado (John Marcucci)  


Web Series  - I Do (Nathalie Schmidt)    Talented New Director  - Sunrise, Sunset (Hannah Roark)

Talented Student Filmmaker - Bingo Night (Brooklyn Alexander)



Feature or Featurette - Rice (Valerie Fortin)            English Language Short - Girl (Lindsay Trachtenberg


Foreign Language Short - Simple Simon (Amelie Radulescu)      Southern States Short - Polished (Andie Morgenlander)


Comedy - Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! (Kelly O’Neal) 


Web Series  - The So-So You Don’t Know (Sachi Parker)    


Supporting Actress  - The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle (Stephanie Northrup)




Feature or Featurette - Synthetic Phoenix (Ryan Perich)       English Language Short - The Conversation (Corey Johnson)

Foreign Language Short - I Killed Vincent (Cyril Caumont)    Southern States Short - A Leg Up (Phoenix Washington)


Comedy - Incommunicado (Felipe Viana)            Supporting Actor Drama - Last Call (Dustin Prince)


Supporting Actor Comedy - Gilda Sue Rosenstern: The Motion Picture! (Robin Spriggs) 



Feature or Featurette - Rice (Alex Vargas)          English Language Short - Peggy (Justin O’Neal Miller) 


Foreign Language Film - Cold Feet (Toshiya Chimura)       Southern States Short - A Leg Up (Derek Bauer)



English Language Feature or Featurette - The Pea Shooter (Teri Lennox)   English Language Short - Dreamwisher (Asaf Sagiv)


Foreign Language Film - Sisya, The Disciple (Sarit Sekhar Chatterjee)     Southern States Short - Ripe Figs (Eric Laws)


Original Song - Epic Quest, Sevrin the Magnificent Mage (Philip Derochie)    Movie Poster - Sur'vi


Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2017

Biloxi, Gulf Coast, MS, USA January 2018





Best of Fest - Zelos


Atman Award for Diversity in Film - Staring Down Fate


Best Southern States Film - The Importance of Sex Education



Feature Film - She, The Sergeant Matacho     Featurette - Tyson!     English Language Short - It Gets Better?


Foreign Language Short - Baba      Best Southern States Short - Christine     Animated Film ​ - Blows with the Wind


Comedy Film - The Importance of Sex Education      Drone Film - Kiss​     Experimental/Art House/Silent - Xing


Smart Phone Film - Signal      Web Series Pilot - Sounds of Freedom       Short Short - Balloon


Feature Documentary - Outcaste - The House that Carol Built     Short Documentary - The Healing of Heather Garden


Southern States Documentary - House of Saints    Top Trailer - Inherit the Stars​




Feature - Just a Fling (Gorune Aprikian)


Featurette - Last Dream for the Moon (Octavian Repede)


English Language Short - The Importance of Sex Education (L. Elizabeth Powers)


Foreign Language Short - Baby One More Time (Paolo Turro)


Talented New Director - Xing (Rosa Costanza)


Southern States Short - Barrow (Daniel Earney)


Talented Student Filmmaker - The Secret Life of Balloons (Lauren Graham, Nina Graham)




Feature - Ann (Sofia Oggioni)     Featurette  - One Year on a Bike (Martijn & Siebren Doolaard, Julian Wunderle, Hanz Lasthuis)


English Language Short - Imbolc (Rory Moore)       Foreign Language Short - The Victim (Rassam Feali)


Southern States Short - House of Saints (Gerry Melendez)      Short Short - Forgotten Birmingham (Ben McCafferty)



Feature or Featurette ​- She, The Sergeant Matacho (Fabiana Medina)      English Language Short - Pickup (Mandy Evans)


Foreign Language Short - The Victim (Shahrzad Borjian)     Southern States Short - Greenwood (Tammy Thomas)


Supporting Actress Drama - Zelos (Ainslie McGlynn)        Supporting Actress Comedy - This is Jack (Amanda Tepe)



Feature or Featurette - Zelos (Ben Mortley)      English Language Short - It Gets Better? (Gys DeVilliers)


Foreign Language Short - Time Escapers (Cyril Benoit)      Southern States Short - Christine (Logan Reinhart)

Comedy - Those Shoes! (Crafty St. James)       Supporting Actor - Mombie (Nate Wells)



Feature or Featurette - Do U Want It? (Eric Heigle, Andy Rathbone, Kirkland Middleton)


English Language Short - Deirdre (Audio Network)


Foreign Language Short - Baba (Nadaka)


Southern States Short - Mombie (N.T. Bullock)      


Original Song - Wilmington on Fire (Voice of the Regular People/Ness Lee)

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